Werewolf or Vampire, which one would you like to choose

04/09/2014 PM

The Perk System in The Elder Scrolls Online is wildly focused by thousands of players. The two creatures in this system, namely werewolves, the lycanthropes, and vampires. Do you want to be one of them? Which one would you like to be? Here is a comparison between the two. Maybe it can help you know more about them.

Both werewolves and vampires are non player characters that could only be met in the high level locations, and they are not easy to be found. Dungeons and other hidden places are where werewolves and vampires appear the most. It is challenging to be either one of them. There are two ways to be a werewolf or a vampire. One is to be bitten by a werewolf or a vampire. The other is to be bitten by another player who has infected with the disease. After the bite, you have to do a special quest known as Hircine’s Gift to get rid of the virus Sanies Lupinus or you can choose to be a complete werewolf to get a set of unique skill line. For vampires, the special quest is called Scion of the Blood Matron, and you can also choose either to heal yourself or become a vampire and get the exclusive skill line.

If you choose the latter and you get a new skill line, you are not allowed to use any other weapons. Your original skills will be weakened. But you will become very powerful and scary because of the special skill line you get. Other players will be afraid of you, except the Fighters’ Guild. Werewolves and vampires both are limited to Fighters’ Guild.

There are slight differences between the two. Being a werewolf has a process of transformation and then you can use the abilities, while being a vampire has to feed or you will receive penalties. Werewolves’ skills consume only Stamina, while Vampires rely fully on Magicka and Ultimate.

It is known to us that there is no way to be the two simultaneously, but it’s unclear whether we can change back from a werewolf or a vampire. And if we can, how long does it take? Is there any chance we can be one first and after changing back be the other?

Anyway, being a werewolf or a vampire is a good opportunity to do some role-playing. And if you have got some recent news for either of them, please let us know at www.esogoldsell.com.

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