Walkthrough Of Banished Cells Dungeon

05/08/2014 AM

If you are in Aldmeri Dominion, then the first 4-man group dungeon you will explore is Banished Cells, which lies in the first major AD zone—Auridon. Players from level 12 to level 15 can step in to challenge the bosses inside and get loots (eso gold and eso items), and if you complete the dungeon, you will be given a skill point as a reward too.

To run through it, you first need a group of a tank, a healer and two DPS, and act quickly so to keep the time less than 20 minutes. And you’d better know the mechanics of every boss so you can targetedly deal with each boss.

Boss No.1  Cell Haunter (Level: 14 Health: 4,790)
This is the most damage intensive one with a bunch of skeletal adds that has to be taken down as soon as possible. This boss has green, channeled cast which he would use to channel a high-damaged spell to a random distant target. Interrupt it is impossible, and you can just break his line of sight if the cast is on you so that you can take much less damage, the channel will be in the form of a green beam.
Another frequently cast spell is called Winter’s Reach. It is a cold ranged damage spell. Ranged targets should dodge and should better stay spread apart. 

Boss No.2  Shadowrend (Level: 15 Health: 8,415)
This is clannfear that has to be summoned by activating two buttons in the room. The first button leads out a bunch of Banekin in the middle of the room which needs to be taken down with AOE quickly, and the second spawns Shadowrend.
The lethal mechanic it has is his charge at random players which deals a high amount of damage. Only the Break Free ability can stop you from dying if you get charged. Shadowrend also does a cast that summons a small shadowy clone of itself which should be taken down quickly but it’s easy because the clone doesn’t have much health. Melee players and the tank should watch out for and avoid Shadowrend’s tailswipe. The area of effect is the red round circle on the ground beneath Shadowrend.

Boss No. 3  Angata the Clannfear Handler(Level: 14 Health: 2,874)
This is a dremora with lots of skeletal adds at the sides and in the middle of the room. She would cast fireballs at the tank which should be interrupted. And don’t stand in the fiery pools she casts on the ground. If she summons a clannfear, that should be killed as soon as possible.  

Boss No. 4  Skeletal Destroyer (Level: 14 Health: 7,185)
This is a giant skeleton guardian. His most dangerous ability is called Dead Zone—that’s a big red-black circle on the ground by stomping. You should avoid that. The tank should re-adjust and move the boss away after he sees the stomp animation. This boss periodically summons three skeletons with low health which are easy to deal with, or can even be ignored. A frontal AOE cone slam ability should be handled carefully by the tank.

Boss No.5  High Kinlord Rilis (Level: 15 Health: 8,415)

This is the finally boss. The main mechanic is The Feast— black-green blobs floating in the air. These blobs fly towards Rilis to heal him, so you have to tank them away. They have little health, so a DPS or a healer can handle that. When the boss lifts his sword, it means he is going to cast Daedric Tempest. Just prerare to re-adjust your position. There is also a ranged knockback with a bit of damage, which can be lethal if the target is knocked into Daedric Tempest.


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