The role of which race will you choose

03/25/2014 PM

  After read the introduction of the Elder Scrolls Online, we can understand the plot and content of the Elder Scrolls Online is closely associated with that of Skyrim, and the race is also no great changes. Then for the different races, there are different race skills.

  How would you choose?

  - Orcs: violent

  - Redguards: adrenaline

  - Wood of Elf: toxin resistance, disease resistance, commanding animal

  - Nord: battle cry, cold resist +50%

  - Khajiit: night vision capability, claw

  - High Elf: magic recovery to accelerate

  - Dark Elf: the ancestral spirits fury (flame body), fire resistance +50%

  - Breton: dragonskin (absorb spells), magic resistance +25%

  - Argonians: Francis skin (the value of life speed up the recovery), disease resistance, water breathing

  Racial attributes (the starting property values of the various ethnic are not the same)

  - Argonians: starting with 25 points unlock skills, 20 points stealing skills, stealth skills ...and so on.

  - Orcs: starting with 25-point heavy armor skills, 20 points enchanting skill, forging skills ... and so on.

  Depending on the career you want to play, you can choose a different race. For me, I prefer to play a mage like career, but relative to the elf and I prefer to choose some more human like race, so I would choose Breton.

  After the arrival of the game, I will buy a lot of eso gold in then used eso gold to buy a lot of school spell skill books to be strong as soon as possible.


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