The function of race will refine and reinforce on the battlefield

03/25/2014 AM

  In any game, and there won’t be the strongest race, or the most powerful faction, game company must ensure that there is a balanced development, so as to make the game fun continue, then in the Elder scrolls online believe it’s the same.

  I think Elder scrolls online between three camps, there must be some mutual restraint mechanism, just like a hammer scissors cloth, a cycle has continued, in fact that we in the first game CG with the Elder scrolls online logo you can see, all is the revelation of a loop.

  And between races also should have their respective phase grams of mechanism, the functions of all races should be refined, the Elder scrolls online, after all, is not a stand-alone game, the game company should be under a lot of work to maintain this block, such as the orcs are better at city, the elves at guerrilla forces the back, Bretton people are good at setting up camp magic defense.

  So refining the features of games, is what the players want, let the players experience the race and camp on the battlefield, which far more than professional.

  In siege stand, then do you want to show that you down a peg or two side, if you want to, then you should increase your own strength, maximize the advantage of your own race, and the fastest shortcut to be in the Elder scrolls online Gold create a strongest equipment, if you are moved, don’t hesitate, hurry up to buy Elder scrolls online Gold.


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